Only in Vegas: Not What the Doctor Ordered

Riddle me this: where can someone tipping the scales at 350 lbs (or more) eat for free in Vegas? Why, at the Heart Attack Grill of course! But before you order that free meal, you’ll have to prove you’re worthy by getting on the cattle scale outside the restaurant.

Yep, you read that correctly. And it gets better.

Once inside the establishment, you’ll find “patients” receiving their “prescriptions” from servers dressed as hot nurses. As for the “prescriptions,” all of the burgers on the menu are named after heart surgeries.

Not in the mood for a burger? Why not try out a butter fat milkshake, served with an order of fries that are deep-fried in pure lard?

Throat a little itchy? Soothe it with some unfiltered Camels from the menu!

Looking for a beverage with some kick? Try out what are touted as being Fremont’s strongest frozen drinks, containing half their weight in liquor.

And I haven’t even told you the names of the burgers yet! Of course they all relate to heart surgeries, so they are aptly named the single bypass (0.5 pound), double bypass (1 pound), triple bypass (1.5 pounds) and quadruple bypass (2 pounds). If that’s not enough grease for your liking, rest assured you can add 10 slices of bacon for only $1.84 and 20 come in at a very reasonable $3.69.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is indeed a Guinness World Record for everything, the answer you seek is undoubtably yes. As proof, you need only know that the Heart Attack Grill’s quadruple bypass burger has been awarded the world record for “Highest Calorie Hamburger.” Considering it comes in at a whopping 9,983 calories, it’s no wonder! To verify this, or if you want to check out what the restaurant’s menu looks like, click here.

Unsurprisingly, the Heart Attack Grill is earning a reputation for living up to its name. Thus far, not one but TWO people have been hospitalized this year after suffering apparent heart attacks while eating at the restaurant. Let’s keep in mind that it’s only May, so there are still a lot of months to come this year…

For any questions you are currently asking yourself, the answer is inevitably: only in America.

I should also add that the next time I’m on Fremont Street I totally want to try out their fries…and a single bypass burger…and one of their margaritas…

4 thoughts on “Only in Vegas: Not What the Doctor Ordered

    • I totally agree about it being degrading. What about those of us who want to be served our bypass burgers by a hot male nurse? The path toward obesity should be an equal opportunity endeavour 😉

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