I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate

If you spend anytime on a post-secondary campus at this time of year, you wouldn’t even need to be told that final exams are underway because the stress and anxiety are actually palpable in the air. Nearly every student you walk past has their nose buried in a book or computer screen, some sort of legal stimulant within reach, and a frantic look in their tired eyes. Continue reading

Career Options be Damned

chair and book

When deciding what courses to take in university, I knew that the overall goal was to pick a major that would actually get me a job someday. Nonetheless, I signed up for an Anthropology course just to see what it was all about. Fifty undergraduate courses later I had two Bachelor of Arts degrees – one that had a shot at landing me a job (Sociology) and one that didn’t have a snowball’s chance (Anthropology).

Sometimes you have to study what you love because you just can’t help yourself, career options be damned. Continue reading