What You Won’t Hear at U of C

Everyone loves a good Internet meme…until it’s been done to death, that is. But really, that’s kind of the point.

If you’ve logged on to any of your favourite social media sites lately, you’ve likely seen a number of posts related to the “Sh*t White/Asian/Black/Single/Drunk/Etc. Girls/Guys Say” meme. While those topics are all rather amusing, I’m partial to the “Sh*t [Insert Overarching Group] Don’t Say” take on the theme. A quick search on YouTube turns up tons of hits related to all the topics (and millions more) mentioned above, but the video that I’ve gotten the biggest kick out of relates to my alma mater.

A word of warning: a lot of the content won’t make much sense to you unless you’ve attended the University of Calgary. But if you have, you’ll likely agree with everything these guys don’t have to say.

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Clothing Bin Scams Dupe Canadian Donors

Truck Full of Donated Clothes

Image by Jen Waller via Flickr

I don’t know if this exists in other countries, but in Canada there are large bins placed around major cities where people can recycle their old clothing, shoes, and accessories. Considering the bins inevitably have the word “donation” emblazoned on them, it’s assumed that charitable organizations collect the items in order to earn revenue by reselling the pre-loved items. In such a scenario everyone seems to win; the charity makes some cash to help fund their operations, and the donor gets to feel good about recycling their old clothes and gaining back some closet real estate.

But what you see is not always what you get in the world of clothing donations, and recent news headlines warn that donors are being duped by for-profit bins that masquerade as charitable receptacles. Continue reading

Canada Really Cuts the Mustard

If you asked someone to name a few foods that come to mind when they think of Canada, they would probably list items like maple syrup, poutine, and Canadian bacon (spoiler alert: we just call it bacon). Clamato juice might also be mentioned if they’d ever had the hair of the dog in the Great White North, or tourtiere if they’d spent a Christmas in Quebec.

But if you switched the question up and asked them to name the most popular condiment that originates in Canada, I’d be willing to bet the farm (pun intended) that not one person would provide the correct answer.

So what condiment am I referring to? Well if you haven’t already figured it out from this post’s title, here’s a visual hint: Continue reading