Get Your Green On

Everyone knows no one parties like the Irish do. That’s why it’s impossible to walk past any pub on March 17th without stumbling across a group of happy revellers celebrating whatever tiny claim they have to Irish ancestry.

But if you thought St. Patrick’s Day was becoming a global phenomenon before today, wait until you see what’s been cooked up for this year’s celebrations.

Knowing how to capitalize on a good thing when they see it, Tourism Ireland has launched a ‘global greening’ marketing campaign. The result? Some 70 global landmarks will be turned green this year in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Some of the monuments and sites that have joined in on the fun include Niagara Falls, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Burj al Arab in Dubai, and the Las Vegas sign.

Here’s a shot of Sydney’s Opera House getting in on the celebrations: Continue reading

C’mon the Boys in Green!

When you get yourself tangled up with an Irishman, you unknowingly expose yourself to a whole host of new sports. Some of them (such as hurling) are nothing short of crazy, and you find yourself wondering how long it will be until you get to attend another All-Ireland Final (Up Tipp!). Others (like Gaelic) seem to make no sense to at all, and watching them just leaves you confused and experiencing sympathy pain for the players.

And then there’s football. Continue reading

Irish Say What??

Driving in Ireland

Most travellers add a dictionary to their suitcase when they visit a country that has a national language different from their own. It only makes sense to be able to respond properly when you’re trying to barter for Cuban cigars or a Turkish belly dancing costume.

But answer me this: If you’re from North America, would you bring a translation dictionary with you on a trip to Ireland?

If you think a bonnet is worn on your head, and hurling is something you do after too many pints, allow me to help you out. The following “how to speak Irish” tutorial will ensure you arrive in the Emerald Isle ready to have the craic with any bogger you meet in the car park of a chipper. Continue reading