The wait is almost over…

Image by davedehetre via Flickr

With just 20 days left to wait, I have to admit that I’m starting to get really excited for the Calgary Stampede! Those 10 glorious days in July are when Calgary is at its best, and I am definitely one of those Calgarians who eagerly anticipates the Stampede from pretty much the moment it ends.

Anyone who has been within 10 blocks of the Stampede when it’s in full swing knows that the event has a smell all its own. You’ll catch a whiff of manure from the livestock and a hint of diesel from the rides, but the top note is always the unmistakable scent of midway food.

Corndogs. Donut burgers. Deep dish pizza. Fudge. Spiral chips. Candy apples. Tacos in a bag. Deep fried cheesecake. French fries. Poutine. Saltwater taffy. Hand-squeezed lemonade. Cotton candy.

And, of course, those glorious little bites of heaven known as mini donuts.

Image by taminator via Flickr

All of these delicious morsels, coupled with never-ending pancake breakfasts and the ease with which beer goes down at the rodeo, are exactly why Calgarians say calories don’t count during Stampede.

Speaking of Stampede calories, the list of crazy food that will be on sale on the Grounds this year was recently released and it does not disappoint. From deep fried bubblegum (gross) and bacon wrapped corndogs (OMG yes!) to pickle juice shooters (hell no) and chocolate covered bacon (ummm…yeah, I’ll totally try that), there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy.

As for me, I love all the new food that comes out each year. But I will always have a very soft spot in my soul (yep, it’s that deep) for mini donuts. Just writing about them reminds me how satisfying it is to feel the crunch of sugar and cinnamon coating my teeth as I burn my way through a bag of mini donuts without even a thought of sharing them with my friends and loved ones. And why would I share? Those little babies are best when they’re piping hot, and Stampede is much too brief. There’s not a moment to lose.

Image by midnightglory via Flickr

To check out all of the culinary masterpieces Calgary is in for this Stampede, visit the food section of the Stampede’s website.

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