Come Hell or High Water

Image by Wilson Hui via Flickr

As a group, Calgarians are as diverse as they come. But at this moment in time, we are of one mind.

We’re all scared that the damage is actually worse than officials are letting on. We’re wondering if it really will take 10 years to rebuild. We’re worried about our neighbours that have nothing to go home to. We’re proud to have elected such a tireless and strong Mayor. We’re touched by the outpouring of generosity and help that has come our way. We’re amazed that water can cause billions of dollars in damage in mere days. We’re angry that people won’t heed the calls to stay away from the rivers. We’re teary-eyed when we think of those who didn’t survive the flood. We’re transfixed by the devastating images of our hometown. We’re moved by the dedication and bravery of our front line workers.

But above all else, we’re certain that our beloved city will rebuild itself stronger than ever. We are all of the same mind because the spirit of Calgary runs through our veins.

Come hell or high water, we will endure.

To donate to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods Fund, click here.

2 thoughts on “Come Hell or High Water

  1. I just found your blog whilst surfing the net. I’m in Australia, and reading this post about your flooding brought back memories of the severe floods we experienced here in several states a year or so ago. My heart aches for you; the news is on and gone, and people forget about it within days,but it takes years for communities to recover from these catastrophies. I know very little about Calgary, but I briefly visited Montreal and Vancouver when I was in the USA nearly 40 years ago, and I wished back then that I could have spent a few months in Canada. The little I saw of it made me want to see the rest.
    God be with you.

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