Lovely Day for a Guinness

Considering my ancestors are from Omagh (Co. Tyrone), and my husband is a born and bred Dubliner, I can’t really let St. Patrick’s Day pass without writing something. But debating the virtues of shots made with Baileys has been done, and there’s no point in offering tips to prevent your tongue from turning green at the bar tonight because it’s destined to happen. So to mix it up a bit I’ve decided to focus on Ireland’s #1 tourist destination by taking you on a photographic tour of the Guinness Storehouse.

Having visited the Guinness Storehouse in the summer of 2010, I can honestly say that it is one of the best planned and most interesting tourist traps I have ever visited. While the three Dubliners I was with might argue that the pint at the end was the best part of the day, this Canadian visitor loved every part of the tour.

Note: the photos below were all taken by yours truly, and explanations can be found by hovering over the image with your mouse.

Arriving at the birthplace of Guinness

This is the 9000 year lease Arthur Guinness signed to take over a disused brewery at St. James's Gate

Signs like this are everywhere, and make it hard to forget where you are while touring the Storehouse

That's a hell of a lot of barley!The yeast used in Guinness today is descended from the yeast used in Arthur's day over 250 years ago

The man behind the pintThis image speaks for itself

The tour included videos of how the coopers used to make by hand the barrels Guinness was transported in. Really amazing craftsmen!

Yay for Dublin!

We spent a decent chunk of change at the Storehouse gift shop

Gotta love old Guinness ads!

Makes you thirsty, doesn't it?!The toucan is my personal favourite

If you look closely, you can see just how many levels you travel on the Storehouse tour

Final stop: the Gravity Bar for a free pint of expertly poured Guinness!

What starts as a perfectly timed pour (119.5 seconds to be exact)...

...ends up looking like this in nearly the same amount of time when it's free :)

The views from the top of the Gravity Bar of Dublin city are amazing (when it's not pouring, that is)

Even when you try to leave the Storehouse, all signs indicate that you should return

On your way back into the real world, this guy is a reminder of how good Guinness really is for you

If you want to experience the birthplace of Guinness for yourself but currently aren’t anywhere near the Emerald Isle, fear not! The Storehouse has a webcam set up at the Gravity Bar that constantly broadcasts live 360 degree views of Dublin city. Click here to see what you’re missing.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Erin go Bragh!

8 thoughts on “Lovely Day for a Guinness

    • Glad you liked my photos and thanks for checking the blog out! I just visited yours, and I have to say that a trip to Switzerland is now on my list of must-visit places. Megeve looks amazing!


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