You’re Not Crossing the Border with Me, Kinder. Surprise!

Image by Dmitry Valberg via Flicrk

Surprise, indeed!

Aside from all the melting snow and pothole-riddled roads, one of the best ways to determine if spring is its way to Canada is the inevitable return of Easter-themed Kinder Surprises.

Enjoyed by children and adults alike, Kinder Surprise is a two-in-one treat that consists of an unassembled toy contained within a hollow chocolate eggshell. You never know what kind of toy your chocolate egg will reveal, and half the fun of getting a Kinder Surprise is in trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together. Continue reading

Man Up and Chug that…Cider?!

Anyone that has ever ventured a few hundred/thousand kilometers from home knows that drinking patterns are culturally mediated. For instance, bourbon is huge in Australia and the Southern US, and a decent Caesar is nearly impossible to find outside of Canada.

If you take a close look at the hand a drink is in, you’ll also notice the gendered aspects of alcohol preferences. Like coolers and white wine spritzers, cider is one of those drinks that North American men tend to stay away from. It’s not that cider is a “girlie” drink, it’s just not really considered a “manly” drink.*

Mmmm...Bulmers! (Photographed on location in Dublin)

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