BBQ Chip Bandits Busted in B.C.

English: A pile of potato chips. These are Utz...

Have you ever engaged in a late night drinking session that left you so hungry you would risk imprisonment to satisfy the craving?

Yeah, me neither…

Do you love a specific potato chip flavour so deeply that you would commit robbery to get your hands on a bag?

In all honesty this time, neither do I.

While we may be able to pat ourselves on the back for being upstanding citizens, at least two Canadian girls would have to answer “yes” to the questions above. Check out the ridiculously tasty details in this news clip:

I don’t know about you, but my key takeaway from this cautionary tale is that a stockpile of Zellers’ BBQ chips might turn out to be the most solid investment I could make this year.

2 thoughts on “BBQ Chip Bandits Busted in B.C.

    • Gotta love watching a cop crack up during a press conference! And for the record, this is most certainly a crime in Canada because chips are an extremely serious matter to Canucks 🙂

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