Only in Vegas: A Quirky Series

Since the first time I spotted the Strip from the window of an airplane, I have been irrationally and inexplicably enamored with all that Sin City has to offer. One of the ways I can gauge the passage of time is by my desire for a quick trip to Vegas…the longer it has been, the stronger the pull.

After an absence of six months or so I start to daydream about splitting two aces at a blackjack table in Bill’s Gambling Hall, hunting for bargains at the Fashion Show Mall, and sipping a Spanish Trampoline at the Mirage’s Rhumbar. I know it sounds a little crazy, but everyone has their happy place and Vegas happens to be one of mine. Even my love for Vegas has boundaries though, and I’m convinced that spending any longer than three days at a stretch on the Strip is a leading cause of insanity. All good things in moderation, right?

Aside from all the unadulterated fun that’s on offer in Vegas, one of the things I love about the place is how it’s home to so many exhibits/business ideas/shows/etc. that make you go “Ummm what? Seriously? Who would pay to do/eat/see that?!” But once you get there, the answer is always you. You would pay to do/eat/see that because that’s why you booked a trip Vegas! Isn’t capitalism amazing?!

The number of ways to part a fool and his/her money are endless. As a result, Vegas casinos and businesses engage in a relentless cycle of always trying to outdo their neighbours to ensure you spend your cash on their property. The outcome is a mind-boggling array of ridiculously awesome “only in Vegas” entertainment opportunities, which I think are perfectly suited for a blog post series! So keep an eye out for the upcoming “Only in Vegas” posts I’ll be sprinkling amongst the usual quirks I write about. And if you’re betting that I’m starting this series to keep myself apprised of what’s going on in Sin City in between visits, the odds are totally in your favour.

Viva Las Vegas!

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