Caesar Teaser

While doing some research for my next blog post I rediscovered the Canadian Heritage Minute videos that were produced in the 1990s. From James Naismith inventing basketball to African American slaves escaping to Canada through the underground railroad in the 1800s, Heritage Minutes showcase the best of Canada’s history. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you’re a Canadian and watching those clips doesn’t bring a proud tear to your eye, I recommend moving south of the 49th parallel pronto.

Anyway, while watching all these Heritage Minute videos I stumbled across one that’s a spoof on the history of Canada’s most beloved cocktail. Since that’s exactly what my next blog post is about, I thought I’d share this to get you thirsty to learn more:

11 thoughts on “Caesar Teaser

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    • I remember that one! They’re all so good, but my favourite one is about the sod houses because my great grandparents were pioneers in Alberta who lived in a soddie their first few years here 🙂

      • Hahaha! You totally win the “Best Comment Ever” award.

        But I must point out that jealousy doesn’t really compliment your skin tone. I’d say you would look better in winter colours…

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