What’s This Blog All About?

In the 19th century, early anthropologists began working on comparisons of human cultures derived from data sources provided by missionaries, explorers and traders. Such scholars came to be known as “armchair anthropologists” because, rather than conducting their own fieldwork, they relied on second-hand accounts collected by untrained observers to devise theories from the comfort of home.

While data collected by untrained observers may no longer be legitimate in academia, I think it’s the perfect source material to base a blog on!

This blog is for those of us who chose not to put in the time and effort to obtain a PhD in anthropology, but who still look at the world through an Anthropologist’s eyes. Read on if you are intrigued by Irish drinking rituals, confounded by Canadian food culture, amazed by American festivals, titillated by Traveller wedding dresses, daft about magical draft beer…

Welcome to Cultural Quirks!

8 thoughts on “What’s This Blog All About?

  1. Great blog fellow Anthro fan! Where did you study Anthropology? I went to the leprechaun museum…was disappointed..it was too mod! Some of the stories were very interesting though. I just wasn’t mad on the design!

    • Thanks for the comment, and for following my blog! To be honest, I didn’t actually make it to the Leprechaun Museum the last time I was in Dublin. After taking some photos of the sign, we got a little too distracted by the Temple Bar Inn. Their beer garden + chicken and stuffing sandwiches = a little slice of Heaven if you ask me 🙂

      I recevied my Anthropology degree from the University of Calgary, which is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s great to (virtually) meet a fellow Anth fan! Where did you study?


      Ps. I loved your post on Christmas pudding shakes at Eddie Rocket’s. My husband is from Dublin and he’s always telling me how much he misses eating there!

      • You are very welcome and I have one thing to say, I’m an idiot lol I’ve made the necessary changes to my post!! Sorry about the pronoun faux pas!! I really enjoy reading about your journeys!

      • No worries, I’m glad you got my not-so-subtle hint! Ha! No one ever reads “About Me” page comments, so that’s why I responded here. Your faux pas is totally safe with me!

        Thanks again and right back at ya re: enjoying your work too!

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